Launching:Smart WIFI Grossing Workstation

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Proud to announce Our New Launch: Smart WIFI enabled Grossing Workstation

Always Pioneering in Advancements

Apzem is the predecessor in introducing smart grossing workstations with a large 7" LCD Touch screen and WIFI. The monitor displays the formalin concentration, the blower operation, temperature, humidity etc. It incorporates several latest technological advancements such as Automatic detection of user presence, automated adjustment of blower operation based on the concentration of Formalin, Demand based ventilation (modulation of suction force as needed), fully automated feather touch controls and many more.
All these advancements have been designed considering the safety, hygiene and better comfort of the pathologist. Features such as demand based operation, intelligent blower operation, ensures low power consumption. Several comforting features such as automatic sensor faucet, automatic hand dryer, Geo Fencing (Automatic turning on and off based on user presence).

Apzem Offers 7 different models of Smart Grossing Stations. Elevating Dual Draft, Premium Backdraft, Professional Backdraft, Mini Backdraft, Professional Downdraft, Elevating Downdraft and Table Top Grossing Station.


Better Comfort for the Pathologist

Our design team has incorporated and enhanced all the technical advancements considering the safety and the better comfort of the pathologist. Advanced features such as sensor faucet, automated hand dryer, etc. are provided to ensure maximum hygiene in the lab environment. Data can be easily transferred between the grossing station and any other Wi-Fi enabled device. The logged report can be viewed in excel format and it also provides an auto generated graph against Date and Formalin Concentration. These technical features ensures that the lab is formalin free.

Need for the Advancements

Air ventilation is given the utmost priority when considering the formalin safety. Pathologist may encounter formalin fills and it might result in allergic reaction if it contacts with skin. Depending on the severity of the spill the affects can be adverse. All the safety gears such as the eyewear, gloves etc. must be used to ensure the safety of the pathologist. As per the OSHA standards, water spray should be used for reducing the formalin vapors. Continuous monitoring and display of formalin concentration levels helps to ensure the lab safety. The number of blowers currently in operation is indicated in the LCD screen. This demand based blower operation and suction force ensures in saving power up to 50%.

Pathology Lab Safety Tips

* If the formalin spill is small, paper towels may be used for absorption. Then it can be placed in a marked sealed bag.
* A spill kit should be maintained to manage the larger spills. It must contain items such as a neutralizer and a marked hazardous waste bag.
* The neutralizer can simply be spread onto the formalin to quickly soak up the moisture.
* Before returning to work after a spill, any contaminated equipment should be thoroughly cleaned.
* If a spill can be considered major, the area should be evacuated and the associated hazardous spill team should be contacted immediately.