Industrial Blower - ID Fan & FD fans

Industrial Blowers also called as fans forms an integral part in air transportation and some powder transportation in industrial applications. Industrial fans also classified as Centrifugal fans, axial fans, FRP blowers, direct driven blowers, belt driven, high pressure blowers, medium & Low pressure Blowers etc.. Its application ranges from HVAC industries for ventilation and air conditioning, In Air pollution control applications for transporting dusts & fumes, In Cement plants and other food processing industries for powder transportation etc.. Its industrial application is vast.

The application, corrosive environment, nature of air or particle transported, Pressure and Volume required, efficiency and costs limits the selection of blower types, its material of construction, drive types, impeller design etc. Apzem has been offering widest range of blowers with full customization options to its customers across various industries. Choose any of our blower type below or call us @ +91-044-26580258 or send us enquiry to We are very much happy to assist you in selecting and customizing our widest range of Industrial Blowers that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Apzem Industrial Blower Types