"Vertical Forests" A new try by China to reduce Air Pollution Problem

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"Vertical Forests" A new try by China to reduce Air Pollution Problem

punjab pollution control board

"PPCB Swings in Action"

The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) in order to create the awareness for prevention about pollution and how to control the pollution in the state. The PPCB has constituted more than hundred teams and the teams are controlled and headed by environmental engineers of various ranks to make such as owners of units aware, besides warning them against spreading air, water and noise pollution.PPCB Teams viewed different units during the awareness period to create awareness amongst factory owners to take measures to prevent air, water and noise pollution.

Already the government of punjob banned manufacture of polythene carry bags ,and also banned distribution of polythene bags. During their invigilation they found that many units and wholesalers are still manufacturing and distributing the polythene bags illegally. Approximately 5.5 tonnes expropriation by the infection teams.

The PPCB pollution board teams decide to organized awareness programs at different places in the punjob at various time with the help of traffic police to make traffic free without disturbance of public and bus or trucks drivers have aware about ill-effects of pressure horns. Nearly hundred pressure horns were voluntarily surrendered by drivers of heavy vehicles. PPCB authorities have decided to intensify the campaign of removing pressure horns in days to come.

The Pollution controlled board organized the various camps in different hospitals to make doctors aware about proper management and handling of bio medical waste.

The PPCB chairman, KS Pannu, advised environmental engineers to keep in mind that while performing their task of prevention and control of pollution they were not here to stop the growth of industries, agriculture and humans.