Emission through Firecrackers - Decreases by 40% : SAFAR

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Emission through Firecrackers - Decreases by 40% : SAFAR


SAFAR is a Central Government Air Quality Monitoring Agency. Since 2014, this Diwali period i.e from October 18-22 was the cleanest says the study done by SAFAR. This is because the Supreme court has imposed a state wide ban on firecracker sale in Delhi-NCR.
The level of emissions from fireworks dropped around 40% during festive season when compared to 2016. The particulate level did not shoot up during this period. The air quality level turned back to pre-Diwali level within three days.
When compared to the level of pollutant emission in 2016, due to firecracker burning this year there was a very significant decrease in the level. As per the SAFAR report on October 19, the percent of decrease was 50% less and on October 20 , it was 20 % less than the previous year.
After Diwali period the pollutant level in the air increased and the air quality turned much severe for the first time in 2017. Despite of imposing a ban of burning firecracker in the capital, the air quality turned to severe. This is because of the increase in the amount of PM2.5 in the air. PM2.5 is an ultrafine particulate measuring less than 20 times less than the width of human hair.

The report stated that the level of PM2.5 matter present in air on October 18 was 136 ; on October 19 it was 174 ; on October 20 it was 407; on October 21 it was 203 and on October 22 it was 139 micrograms per cubic meter. (ug/m3). The safe level of PM2.5 is around 60(ug/m3).

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