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Pollution by Coal Power Plants - Might Triple by 2030


By 2030 coal emission in Southeast Asia is estimated to triple leading to increase in death by pollution.

Estimates state that in Southeast Asia amount of coal emission will be tripled by 2030.This will result in pollution related deaths to be increased. Researches say that electricity demand in Southeast Asia might increase up to 83%.

Shannon Koplitz, a lead researcher of Harvard University, stated that "Air pollution in China and India has received a lot of scientific attention.” She also added that "impacts of planned coal power expansion in the rest of the Southeast and East Asian region have been understudied."

Most of the countries in Southeast Asia still depend on thermal power plants. Developing countries depending on coal for power will have long lasting impacts on air quality and public health.

Nearly 20000 people in this region die due to emissions from coal power plants and reports also state that the projected amount of death due to pollution from power plants will increase up to 70,000 by 2030.