Hyderabad has the worst air quality - PCB

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Hyderabad has the worst air quality - Says the Pollution Control Board ( PCB )

Among the polluted cities of South India, Hyderabad is proved to have the worst air quality and it shows a peak increase in the level of Particulate Matter (PM2.5). Hyderabad has the highest number of red days as per the report posted in September, by the Central Pollution Control Board. The red days are those with greater levels of PM2.5 in air, which is harmful for all ages. PM2.5 Particles are less than 2.5 micrometer in diameters. It is said to be the most dangerous air-borne pollutants since they can easily enter the lungs. Pollution Control Board Officials states that though the PM2.5 level is high, the annual average level is maintained.


The reason for the sudden peak in the PM levels is due to the monsoon changes and there is no dispersion of particulate matter. In Hyderabad, Coastal area such as Vizag , has the higher level of pollution. Minimizing the level of PM2.5 can be done by controlling the number of vehicles and the also by ensuring that the heavy vehicles does not enter the highly polluted areas. The states Pollution Control Board has been working to keep the levels under the specified standards. Restoring of lost air quality within a short period of time is almost impossible.
Ongoing Construction sites and the increased use of concrete have paved way for the deterioration of the air quality. Open space with lots of plants acts as buffer zones and thereby helps us in reducing the pollution by controlling the spreading pollutants.
Moreover the ongoing Industrial Development in the nook and corner of the city will only lead to increase in the level of particulate matter. This level can be controlled only by applying proper pollution control standards. Industries must comply all the pollution standards specified by the Pollution Control Board. Yet the everlasting solution to this problem can be achieved only by creating awareness among the public.

Controlling the Pollution Levels

One way of reducing pollution is by continuous monitoring of the levels of pollution. Several Air Quality Monitors are available for monitoring the different Pollutants such as PM2.5 Monitor, PM10 Monitor, CO2 Monitor, NO2 Monitor, H2S Monitor, Industrial Air Quality Monitor, etc.
The best solution for reducing the pollution is by capturing the pollutants at the source. In industries several pollutants are released from various manufacturing process. Suitable Air Pollution control devices must be used to capture the pollutants. For each industries and their manufacturing process, various types of pollution control equipment such as Fume Extractors, Dust Collectors, Odor Control Scrubbers, Wet Scrubbers , Dry Scrubbers, Soldering Fume Extractors, Welding Fume Extractors , Downdraft Table etc. are available.